Web Management

From the first click, to the final sale, we are here to help your business get a competetive edge on the Internet. Let us work together to bring measurable results to your online strategy.

Our Web Management Tools and Services include:

Hosting your website

Complete digital brand development, including logo design, newsletters, mobile platform integration and advertising

All aspects of setting up and managing a cloud service, database hosting, custom blog creation, content management and e-commerce integration

Worry-free development & trouble-shooting of web sites, scripts, widgets and web applications based on your vision and strategy

Provide concrete measuring tools to identify new visitors, repeat visitors and time spent on the site by each visitor

Improve Search-Engine optimization (SEO) & Analytics - so that your website appears close to the top in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines

Provide a good Content Management System (CMS) including training, so you can update your website with the latest offerings

Transition your website to mobile devices – so mobile users get a pleasant experience on your website

Integrate e-commerce solutions like shopping carts & payment systems into your website

Manage your presence on social sites like twitter & facebook

Handle web based communications (email, facebook, twitter, website feedback, comments etc.)

Redesign your existing website – if necessary

Rebrand your website (to match your logo, advertising and client list)

Increase positive feedback and provide a better customer experience

Perform regular backups of the website

Ensure that all elements of the site, including widgets (shopping carts, forms, links) are up-to-date, as technology evolves

Handle website security issues like malware, form-breakers, spam etc.

As you might know, the Internet provides the most cost-effective way to reach and retain customers. We are here to help you leverage the potential of this technology, so your business can thrive.

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